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Diesel Mechanic Tips for the seasoned trucker. Being a trucker is a rough job, hauling loads across the country and taking care of your business in the meantime. You get into the rhythm of sizzling down the road each day and handling a mound of paperwork by night. Be sure to include checks of your vehicle regularly to prevent problems before they get too serious, so you can keep sizzling down the road.

Trucking is more than a job; it is a lifestyle.

In order to keep things moving, you must keep your truck in good shape. One way is to prevent your truck from having premature blow outs. The closed side drive tires have deep tread that collect marble sized rocks. These rocks can push their way to the cords during the first half of the tires life before they are spit out. They create bare spots and the cords will start rusting, becoming fragile and causing the tire to blow out. Now, when you go to get this repaired, the tire specialist will have to try to match up your tires.



Diesel Mechanic Tips – Tires

One of the top diesel mechanic tips is to prevent tire blowout. A simple way to prevent this early blowout is to inspect your tires regularly. If you see rocks embedded in your tires, dig them out before they get buried and cause more problems. When you are out on the road you usually only carry the essentials with you to get you from destination to destination. Between your clothing, food, and other necessities you can only bring a small selection of tools with you So, it’s important to inspect your entire truck, including your tires regularly in order to minimize the need for repairs.

Driving a truck can be a freeing experience, just sitting back and either talking on that radio to a buddy or to someone you do not even know! You can have your radio cranked up and listening to your favorite songs singing along and at the end of the day you roll your diesel truck into your favorite truck stop and kickback to your own little world.

Trucking is a lifestyle as much as it is a job. It is in your blood. Nothing much better than waking up to a cool morning after a good night’s sleep, turning the key and the whole diesel machine comes to life for another day on the road. After a nice cup of coffee, you get out and make a walk around and look over your massive diesel machine. Then after a few checks you are ready to hit the horn and move out.

If you find yourself passing through Louisiana on Interstate 12, you will drive right by Holmes Diesel Services in Robert LA. If you have not had your trucked check out by a diesel mechanic in a while, give us a shout, and we’ll do a thorough inspection of your vehicle and get you back on the road quickly, where you belong.