Diesel Fleet Services Hammond LA

Holmes Diesel Services will maintain and repair your diesel vehicles and heavy equipment with our in-house fleet service. We work to keep your diesel vehicles and heavy equipment working at peak performance.

Holmes Diesel Services ensures that your fleet vehicle’s most intricate parts are always lubricated, the oil and filters are regularly changed, coolant and other additives are included as required, the fuel injection is running smoothly, and whatever it takes to keep your vehicle and equipment up and running.


We perform the following services in order to maintain your Hammond LA diesel fleet in peak shape.

  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Air condition repair, replacement and service
  • Complete brake jobs and adjustments
  • Alignment for 3/4 ton trucks to 18 wheelers.
  • Mount and balance up to 38” tires – 18 wheeler tires balanced with balancing beads.
  • Provide 3 axle tractor alignment and trailer alignment.
  • Over the Road Tractor front end, rear end alignment and all suspension (Hunter Technology equipment)
  • Power steering components
  • Radiator/Heating repair, replacements and service
  • Tune ups from light duty to heavy duty trucks, and heavy equipment
  • Trailer repair: Brakes, lights and inspections
  • Oil changes and preventative maintenance
  • Engine repairs and replacements on gas and diesel engines
  • Transmission maintenance, repairs and replacements
  • Clutch repairs, replacements and adjustments
  • Any electrical repairs
  • Battery testing and replacement, alternator and starters


Our Hammond LA Diesel Fleet Services will handle large diesel fleets, midsize truck diesel fleets, and heavy diesel equipment.

Contact Holmes Diesel Services, (985) 419-0707, with questions about handling your fleet of diesel vehicles and/or equipment.